“Kicken ohne Grenzen” (“Football without Borders”) is an open football project for young people from disadvantaged communi­ties. It allows young people to take part in re­gular, free training without any performance-related admission criteria, and later provides educational opportunities that make it easier to enter the school system or working life.

Our vision is to use the connective power of football to help young people from disadvantaged communities integrate into society in a sustainable and equitable way. “Kicken ohne Grenzen” aims to help young people to discover and develop their individual skills and po­tentials. Football is in this instance a tool and a common language that can be used to transfer content directly to everyday life and apply it in practice.

Young people who have come to “Kicken ohne Grenzen” by playing football can benefit from the additional educational offer, such as job taster days as part of the “Job Goals” project, the prevocational skill aca­demy #BeASkillCoach, and regular chess training to consolidate various soft skills. An additional focus is on the empowerment of young female refugees. The joint sporting events boost the young women’s self-con­fidence and in doing so minimise the risk of experiencing gender-specific violence.

»In my dream, when I was still ten years, I said I want to become a footballer.«

Blessing, 17 Jahre alt


Kicken ohne Grenzen
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Kicken ohne Grenzen
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A strong team can achieve a lot together. For that reason, we are always on the look-out for new team members. It doesn’t matter whether you want to gain project experience in a small NGO, or are already a professional football coach.

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The young people we work with are always delighted to receive donations of kit and equipment. If you want, you can also support us with a financial contribution.


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