“Kicken ohne Grenzen” is a football project working with young people forced to flee their homes. The project enables these young people to take part in regular training sessions for free without needing to fulfil any admission criteria. It also facilitates their participation in regular tournaments and access to football-specific training opportunities.

“Kicken ohne Grenzen” draws on the unifying power of sport to help integrate young people forced to leave their homes into established social groups. In this way, football can support young people in their efforts to become a part of and shape society.


Empowering the young women involved in the organisation’s projects is another key priority. This group spans a broad range of cultural backgrounds, and the sense of independence they gain from being able to play football is something they can build upon. The sport increases their self-confidence, which in turn helps to reduce the risk of gender-based violence.

»In my dream, when I was still ten years, I said I want to become a footballer.«

Blessing, 17 Jahre alt


Kicken ohne Grenzen
Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 8/1/1
1070 Vienna


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Kicken ohne Grenzen
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How can you help?

A strong team can achieve a lot together. For that reason, we are always on the look-out for new team members. It doesn’t matter whether you want to gain project experience in a small NGO, or are already a professional football coach.

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The young people we work with are always delighted to receive donations of kit and equipment. If you want, you can also support us with a financial contribution.


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