Erasmus+ 2017

»Champions kicken ohne Grenzen«
Youth exchange project between Vienna and Berlin

The project consists in a cooperation between Champions ohne Grenzen (Berlin) and Kicken ohne Grenzen (Wien).


Both organizations are committed to the social integration and participation of refugees by using open and free of charge football practices as the main tool. As the structures of the traditional football system are not easily accessible to people of diadvantaged backgrounds, there is a considerable need for barrier-free projects like the ones mentiones above. Being aceessible without barriers in regards to bureaucracy, knowledge, finances, language, etc., these projects promote a welcoming culture in Germany and Austria even beyond the football field: The football practices provide meeting points that lead to further educational and (inter)cultural opportunities, as well as they provide the energy to create a sense of community for those that are usually segregated (socially and space-wise) from each other.


The youth encounter is planned in both cities, Vienna and Berlin, 5 days each. They will contain a.) (sporty) encounter and workshops between the two initiatives about training content, specific audience-led needs and obstacles, b.) workshops to third interested parties (stakeholders of other football clubs) as well as c.) development of further ideas/projects and implementation on-site accompagied by football activities (common practices; tournament).

(Text: Champions ohne Grenzen, Berlin)

Schedule for Vienna