What we do

“Kicken ohne Grenzen” currently looks after four teams. Every training session is led by qualified coaches, who are supported by a co-trainer drawn from the group of young people.

The organisation uses football as a vehicle for bringing about social change in the following areas:

Personal development

Playing football can provide an escape from everyday worries and traumatic experiences. When on the pitch, players learn what fair play, inclusion, and respect mean. These principles can then be applied in their dailv lives.

Social integration and team building

Being part of a football team, be it in training or matches, boosts the confidence of and creates a sense of togetherness amongst those who take part. It also helps to overcome barriers arising from language, religion and background. As much as possible, individual players are put in contact with teams that are members of the Vienna Football Association. KoG supports clubs interested in taking on players applying for asylum and provides them with advice on how to do so.

Gender equality

Training with the women’s team Dynama Donau gives the female minors, some of whom are unaccompanied, the opportunity to play football in a safe and supportive environment. This collaboration with the women’s team of the Vienna Football Association encourages the development of role models who are able both to nurture the young women’s sporting talent and support them in any new challenges that they may encounter in their daily lives.

Education and Training

Due to the difficultes that asylum seekers face in their attempts to gain qualifications, we offer numerous entry-level training opportunities related to sports. These aid their integration into this part of society. Former players already active as co-trainers within the organisation are helped to prepare for the children’s coaching course offered by the Vienna Football Association. Their costs for this are also covered.

Youth leadership

Young people who are interested have the opportunity to volunteer with the teams of Kicken ohne Grenzen as youth coaches or sporting assistants. This grants them experience of looking after young people in a sports-related setting. In addition, young people are always included in the organisation and coordination of other projects, such as tournaments, information events, and youth exchanges.